The Winter School with IMT-Business School, France was one of the best experiences of my life. This was my first winter school and I had no idea of what to expect and what the programme will entail. I had heard of TheLabs conducting this in association with IMT-BS from one of my friends and given the programme’s impressive blend of lectures and company/campus visits, decided to apply for it. We, as a group of 32 students from India reached Paris on 9th Dec 18 and took our first Paris metro to our hotel. Upon reaching the hotel we were greeted by the IMT-BS student interns.

Our first day in Paris ended with a small campus tour where we got to meet the other students from India who were going to be our classmates for the next 2 weeks. The first week included company and campus visits and a 2-day trip to Brussels for the European Union Parliament and Commission visit. The EU visits were followed by a special lecture that was delivered by an EU representative working in Luxembourg.

It gave us an insight into how the European Union works and what it does for its people. The second week consisted of lectures in the IMT-BS campus. The lectures were divided into a session based on the topic covered. They were conducted by highly qualified lecturers and professors and comprised of presentations, discussions on case studies and Q&A sessions. We got to visit the UNESCO office in Paris where we were given the opportunity to discuss the importance of AI in the society and put forth our questions and doubts regarding its dominance in our future.

This programme was also a great opportunity for me to see Paris in varying and interesting perspectives, which I never thought was possible. Getting around and taking care of oneself in Paris for 2 weeks would not have possible without the help and cooperation of the interns allotted to our groups. This trip not only helped me academically but also helped me to get a better understanding of myself. An experience such as this lies outside the regular college curriculum provides exposure to new ideas. This exposure, no matter how small, gives insight into the global culture and help expand our network.


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