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The Winter School ’18 – Sreenidhi Mulupuri

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IMT Winter School Will Forever Be A Fond Memory

I firstly thank Institut Mines-Telecom business school, Paris, France for conducting such an amazing international winter school program which I would say is a once in a lifetime experience that wouldn’t change.

I didn’t know what to expect before I came to IMT. And the best part was that it would have beat any expectation that I could of had.

We were about 32 students who went through TheLabs organization. The interns both in India as well as in Paris were truly amazing and took care of us from the very beginning. The first day we just had the campus visit and from the next day, we went to various company visits where we got the insight of their workspace, the companies past and the goals they have. The companies included in the program were Linagora, Station F and  Allianz. loreal, Ticket .com and Renault were campus visits. The best part about the program was there was a 2-day trip to Brussels for the European Union Parliament and Commission visit. The EU visits were followed by a special lecture that was delivered by an EU representative working in Luxembourg. It gave us an insight into how the European Union works and what it does for its people. The next week were lectures of a different material which was highly important.

Apart from all the study time we explored the place to the fullest. We travelled by metros, buses and what, not too different places. All thanks to Google maps. The country was beautiful, the experiences were amazing, and the people I met… Well, that was my favourite part. I can’t say more about the trip because it is more than what words can describe: fun, love, study, and happiness. The relationships formed through this experience were deeply meaningful and will certainly be long-lasting.
IMT winter School will forever be a fond memory, and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone considering it!

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